A passionate software backend engineer who loves trip around the world and learn as much as possible by every single new experience. I'm not a blogger but if you want to know me a little better that are my interest.

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Random projects

Random projects

I started periodically new projects, some of them can be published and distributed. I'm a proud supporter of Open Source methodology. Always when you share your knowledge you became a better person.

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I play around Android Apps for fun and profits . You can get some of my applications on play store here. Waiting for the right startup idea and sail away into a warmer place.

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This page is a frontend. A nice way for hidind the test server.

This site is not intended to promote me or the project I do, might be just a little bit. But is more a static facility in order to hide the test server.

Mozilla Firefox plugin dev.

If you are interested into the Header Tool Firefox plugin freely downloadable here. Please refer to the google code page for old version and to GitHub for the last available drops.

CPU comparison

Check out a comparison between the Amlogic CPU, mostly used into low cost chinese set top box here, download is as image or checkout it form github.

LinkedIn Checkmate.

We worked tougher or you want to connect with me? Double check on my up-to-date LinkedIn portfolio.

Push on my local led matrix

This a demo of MQTT using you can push on my local LED matrix a message